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Yulya Shahnazarova

by Yulia Shahnazarova,  Senior Design, Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator at World Vision

….. a workshop on Leadership and Team-building, that turned out to be a truly life-changing experience! “Instead of cursing the darkness, light a candle” – one of the slogans we as a team of workshop participants worked on has become a life guiding principle to me!

Louise is an exceptional professional, creating a warm and cheerful environment where minds become creative, synergies are forged, people are united and great ideas are born.

A natural leader, Louise has the ability to fill the room with “Yes, I can” attitude and drive to positive action; she motivates and energizes, each and every one, opening up the deep corners of the soul, talent and ability – this is indeed mastery.

Even short communication with her opens up the best in myself that I further pass on to my colleagues, friends and relatives – a ripple effect of energy in action.

I learnt and keep learning a LOT from Louise, her attitude to work and life in particular, and cannot help admiring her charisma! I wish many more people have the lucky chance to get to know Dr. Louise Aznavour – attitude to self, professional engagement, vision and relationships change forever!              Huge THANK YOU, Louise!” 

Goodbye Stress

Hello Success!

- Dr Louise Aznavour

Welcome to my SOLUTION ORIENTED world!

“Life is a tragedy from close-up and a divine comedy from a distance.”

Charlie Chaplin 


  • In life there are three types of people:
  • The first takes charge of life.
  • Life takes charge of the second.
  • The third asks: Life? What life?

Our Beliefs Filter Reality

Take Charge Of Your Life


" Happy or Miserable Live In Your Mind and
It Is All In Your mind "

" Wherever Thought Goes Energy Flows "