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Dr. Jordan Isenberg

By Dr. Jordan Isenberg,
 BSc. MSc. MD-MBA, CM is a medical doctor professionally and a keen student of life personally; this necessitates creative thinking abilities.
Whatever his professional choices are, he will continue to bring his personal signature along. Precious in the medical field; this is a true fusion of art and science complementing each other.

“I am extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Aznavour over the past 10 months. This time has been transformational for me and has had a ripple effect extending to my family and even colleagues. She is a wonderful person with an infectious outlook on life, embodying the problem-solving frame of mind. Her ability to simplify seemingly complex issues is uncanny only matched by ability to help equip me with a personalized tool kit – ready to take on the day, week, and world! She is a true coach encouraging me to be the best person, father, husband and doctor I can be. For all of this and more I am eternally grateful.”


Goodbye Stress

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- Dr Louise Aznavour

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“Life is a tragedy from close-up and a divine comedy from a distance.”

Charlie Chaplin 


  • In life there are three types of people:
  • The first takes charge of life.
  • Life takes charge of the second.
  • The third asks: Life? What life?

Our Beliefs Filter Reality

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" Happy or Miserable Live In Your Mind and
It Is All In Your mind "

" Wherever Thought Goes Energy Flows "

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