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  • Charlie Chaplin said:
    life is a tragedy from close-up
    and a divine comedy from a distance.

    Welcome to my SOLUTION ORIENTED world!
    Welcome to my SOLUTION ORIENTED world!


  • Someone said,
    in life there are three types of people:
    The first takes charge of life.
    Life takes charge of the second.
    The third asks:
    life? What life?!

    Let's be solution oriented!
    Let's be solution oriented!

  • Five-stars-everglow Feedback
    I am just messaging you to say thank you. Thank you for your energy, thank you for your help. I watched many of your videos and they always put a huge smile on my face. I hope you’ve been enjoying this beautiful weather. You and the current sunshine ☀️ have a lot in common 🙂

    Jasmin Louras
    Jasmin Louras
    Law Student, Public Diplomacy & Public Affairs Intern at U.S. Department of State
  • Louise! This is so great!
    There’s sooooo much to learn from you! The way you live, think, spread ideas and energy, create mood! Wish one day we exchange these great levels of energy tête-à- tête…

    Yulia Shahnazarova
    Yulia Shahnazarova
    Senior Design, Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator, World Vision South Caucasus/Armenia
  • Congratulations to Dr. Aznavour on her e-book entitled GOODBYE STRESS HELLO SUCCESS
    which is undoubtedly a success by all accounts. The book of the genre Psychology/Self-help is interesting, easy to read and filled with material, and techniques which are easy to apply equally for the amateur as for the professional.

    Dr. Milene Abadi-Etingin
    Dr. Milene Abadi-Etingin
    DDS, West Mount, Quebec, Canada
  • I have read numerous self-help books over the years,
    most of which simply seem repetitive. It is no secret as to why Dr. Louise Aznavour is a world renowned Psychologist because she has a unique ability to approach everyday problems and conceive useful techniques to solve them.

    Nari Aznavour
    Nari Aznavour
    Account Executive, Strategic Growth at WeWork LLC
5 Star Rating

Dr. Louise Aznavour
PhD Psychologist

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