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A Survival Technique

= A Survival Technique =


violet-arrowTake a deep breath from your tummy.

violet-arrowIn your mind’s eye see the ticking

violet-arrowSee the arms move to 3:00, to 4:30, to 6:45alarm

violet-arrowImagine hearing the ticking sounds

violet-arrowAnd remind yourself

Whether it is the best of times or the worst of times,

It is the only time you’ve got.

violet-arrowMemorize this and mean what you say!

violet-arrowNow, get on with your day

This technique brings you down to earth when you get stuck with “should be, ought to be, if only, could have, would have…”

Whenever you feel self-pity, fear, or anger, bring up the image of the clock. Use the ‘reality check’ and say with conviction.

“Whether it is the best of times or the worst of times, it is the only time you’ve got”.

Your turn to practice. Do not leave it for later. Add your personal touches to the technique and share them with me and others around you, will you? Thx. L

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