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In the 24-29-year-old age group today, there are so many who are in the and frying their brains in drugs. Some make ridiculous spectacles of themselves. Instead of using powerhouse brains to reach goals, they use exhibitionism to attract attention. What a dummying of society!? Unfortunately, the generation next to them, unless awakened, may take airheads as misplaced role models.
Yet, there is hope! In contrast, there are brilliant ones out there, too. These are the true role models of the future made up of real stuff!!! The following are the thoughts of a beautiful and bright person, an echo from the younger generation who gives us hope about the future of this tiny planet of ours that needs so much protection. The other day, this human being inspired me with her written word. This person is my niece Nari Aznavour on her way to excellence and discovery of self – as Socrates insisted for all of us to do …..know thyself…

And now let me share the written words of Nari Aznavour with you:
In every experience that you have, everything that you do, there is one thing in common and that’s you. You and only you have the power to change and mold your reactions to your liking in order to live your life in a fulfilling and happy way. Of course, always consider the world around you and respect the people living in it with you. To live in harmony with the world in which you live and the people you live with, you must first be in harmony with yourself. This is where the journey of self-fulfillment and happiness begins.
Nari Aznavour continues: Anyways, this is my belief and I hope I will become a deserving role model to future generations. Yet have so much to prove and accomplish in order to deserve and be credible to be such a person for others. It is my dream to wake people into an honest and fulfilling reality. I believe that there is kindness in everyone and that we live our lives through multiple filters of a multitude of experiences coming from the past. We carry the past with us. The point is looking and learning through those filters and consciously using the lessons to our advantage in our present and future experiences.
What a creative, uplifting, and empowering message. These are winning attitudes.
Do you think like Nari Aznavour? Do you carry a winning attitude? Are you ready to really stay upbeat? Do you send these messages to yourself and others?
Now consider this:
= We feel most energetic and empowered around some people yet totally exhausted with others.
= Attitudes that we allow around or inside us may either energize or deplete us.
= Creativity, resilience and problem-solving get easier with staying upbeat tools.
Think of two friends you have: under equally difficult conditions, one is staying upbeat (meaning: keeping on being positive) whereas the other is staying upbeat (meaning: not sleeping, remaining awake defeated).
Which of the two friends will be less exhausted? Which one do you think will have the stamina to solve issues more effectively in the long run?
Winners let their thinking affect the limitations of the environment. Losers do the opposite. They let the limitations of the environment affect their thinking.
Similarly, optimists highlight the best possible outcomes in situations. Pessimists highlight worse possible outcomes in situations.
Both attitudes may be essential to achieve preferred results. It is just that at the end of the day pessimists are exhausted and exhausting for those around them.
Staying upbeat may be the solution: realistically pursuing the best possible outcomes without the exhausting weight of a pessimistic attitude.
And staying upbeat skills can be learned.

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