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Be as Light as a Butterfly



There is so much doom and gloom circulating in this world. So, as a balancing act, “Goodbye Stress – Hello Success” has the motto “Do not curse the darkness, light a candle instead.”
Some people wait for others to make this world a better place…..”You begin changing the world by first changing yourself”, said Gandhi. We are the change we want to bring about…..”GOODBYE STRESS – HELLO SUCCESS” gives you a good start by tickling your curiosity to learn more about Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Positive Psychology… you will know antidotes to doom and gloom by building resilience. It is easier to be Solution Oriented when our stress level is brought under control. We need tools to empower us. Both Resilience and empowerment are learned. “Winners Let Their Thinking Affect Limitations of the Environment… Losers Do Just the Opposite. They Let Limitations of the Environment Affect Their Thinking.”

1. We feel most energetic and empowered around some people, yet totally exhausted with others.
2. Attitudes that we allow around or inside us may either energize or deplete us.
3. In a world where rampant negative and pessimistic attitudes, it is essential to keep our resilience flowing.
4. Remember, a happy or miserable life in your mind. And, it is all in your mind!
5. Learning to deal with pessimism -in others and in you- develops your self-confidence and strength of character.
6. Winning Attitudes are learned. You, too, can be a winner!
Techniques in this book will help you say “No” to tension while reaching out for success. As a team together let us bring out Your Personal Best. Enjoy! ☺

Here is an Invitation: Come and reach for the stars now with me …Capture your magic as it is out there for free…..The best of all possible worlds is ready to mirror our eyes…The glitter of all the stars…This world is here for you and me…Come along making this promise to eternity…To gently lick our collective wounds… To softly heal our deep scars…Within the glitter of all the stars.

♠♠♠ Living in both Eastern and Western societies and different countries has left varied influences on me. Similarly, my academic training is both analytical (European School of Thought) and pragmatic (Western “Can Do” Approaches). I intend to make good use of the mix, inviting both East and the West to meet… O.K. then let us begin the journey.
…. I spent considerable effort adapting the audio version of “GOODBYE STRESS, HELLO SUCCESS” to help you interact with the content. Ideally, you will have both the eBook as well as the audiobook. Reading and hearing are complementary experiences. Reading the eBook gives you a solid base. Now, listen to the whole audiobook once. Finally, go back to the Selected Tracks as often as you want…..

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