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Be Resilient Anyway!


Learn ways to handle setbacks. Learn resilience.
When resilient people face defeat and fall, they bounce back with renewed energy and purpose anyway.
Resilient people are born on the same planet, too. They are made of flesh and blood too. Resilient people also have failures. They have their fair share of disasters, yet they go on staying upbeat anyway.
A sunflower does the right thing that comes naturally: it turns towards sunlight. Plants find a way to grow even through cracks in asphalt anyway. So, resilient people, too, find their way and reach for the sun anyway.
Resilient people receive a high dose of survival skills with each adversity. Resilient people learn, readjust and carry on going after their visions and dreams, anyway.

As a Clinical Psychologist, Communications Facilitator, and Creativity Consultant, through professional and personal experiences, I find that building resilience while doing the right thing anyway is a winning practice.
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