Batir un Etat d’Esprit Paisible (en Francais)
Little girl closed her eyes and breathes the fresh air in the park.

Batir un Etat d’Esprit Paisible (en Francais)

Pour donner le goût et pour atteindre l'auditoire multilingue, voici une des mes vidéos en Francais. De même, il ya un autre en Arménienne.Le soutien que je reçois des visiteurs est considerable. Pendant ce temps, la conceptualisation, l'écriture et la…

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Զորացնող Գաղափարներ (in Armenian)

To give the taste and to reach my Armenian speaking and multilingual audience, here is one of the videos in the ARMENIAN LANGUAGE.Similarly, there is another one in the FRENCH LANGUAGE.The support I receive from visitors is empowering, motivating and…

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Creative Brains – Bright Managers

Louise in action. An international project.-while protecting private information- here are potpourri moments from a workshop given to managers of select companies coming together.Interaction is the key for a successful workshop. There was ample interaction! Energetic participants gave 100%.....Workshops open…

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