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Dealing with Panic Attacks & Anxiety – Take Charge of Your Life


Exercise: “Kick yourself in the butt․․․” a concert pianist friend of mine, experiencing jitters and panic before giving a recital, would say: “Kick yourself in the butt and get going”.
Now, it is your turn. When faced with situations where you feel anxiety and panic you could say: Instead of better to say Instead of: Now Your Turn. Find Your Own Personal Examples:
better to say: Instead of the angle of your mouth decides how your day turns out, up, or down! People do not stop playing Because they get old. They get old because they stop playing.
– Anon –
Try out your choice of a self-motivating command that you can use for the next week. See if it works. If it is not effective, no problem, try a different command. It is important to use the same choice for a period of time. Repetition of the same command conditions you to the same Automatic Response, which is good. Repetition makes perfect like in Pavlov’s Dogs & Classical Conditioning! Similarly, actors have many practice sessions before their performance appears easy making the end result seem so natural. Now you are the actor. This world is your stage. Your life is meant to prepare you for command performances.
Give it all you’ve got! posters and sharing them with family, friends, and colleagues. You will create winners. You will have a smaller number of complaints around you, too.

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