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Just came from the sporting club and the exercises. An event… Well you know I wanted to share this with you before I go to anything else and unless I do this now, I think I will just say: “forget about it!”.
Now, the event itself was about body language and how the situation was misinterpreted and how two participants were almost going into fist fights, okay… So the event…
Let’s leave that aside, because I’m going to share some advertisements, that actually fit into this situation and that is more interesting actually…

What I’d like you to do is when you find the time, do a Google search (I wrote down a few ideas here on an envelope), do a Google search on “Janine driver”.

She’s a FBI a CIA trained expert and worked in the government Etc and her interest is decoding body language… You see, what people say is one thing and then what comes across and what you can read through… Remember my videos are about detective work, how psychologists and others are trained into these types of observations, very very important, and if you find the time to study her, perfect, okay.

Be aware of the story behind the story. Seek to understand first, see the trends of behaviors. Obviously when something happens we are all startled and then we may misinterpret Etc. At the same time though if the same behavior continues and continues again and again that’s where the “Sherlock Holmes body language and meta talk” talk under the talk comes in.

Train yourself… You can train yourself. So Janine driver is your study today. And decoding body language so and so forth. Well her Ted Talk has 3.2 million viewers okay… So look into that.

Now good, I’m glad that I’m preparing this, now watch the advertisement videos okay and then I’ll come back.

(1st video)
I should give him a mild sedative, so he can be able to go home tomorrow…..
‘daddy is going to be so excited’
‘that killed him!’…………………….

(2nd video)
“Mayday mayday, hello, can you hear us, can you hear us?” “We are sinking, we are sinking!”
“Hello this is the German Coast Guard” 
“We are sinking, we are sinking!”
“What are you thinking about?”

Well did you watch the advertisements? And in a few seconds a lot of impact is made and we are startled.
Now your study this week is “Janine” or “Janine driver”. And also by being able to observe and also deduct through observation, several-several observations, over time you will know how to act with certain Behavior Productions of others okay. You will not go into situations naive and then startled and overwhelmed, okay. By the way I’m not being paid by those advertisers not at all and also by the way people want to buy my t-shirts which have information on them Etc.
No no no no, I don’t sell anything, I don’t sell okay. Make your own t-shirts, find your own motto or just copy mine. I don’t mind at all, okay my friends. Thank you for visiting me again and I’m glad because of your visits I get the energy to do more. Otherwise at this stage, you know, it takes time and energy to do such things and I don’t need to, but it is a give and take win-win-win creation and I love it.
Love you bye-bye. I should go and take a shower now, bye bye.

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