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Don’t Fuss Dear; Get On With It


…hmmmmmmm DO YOU AGREE? Most of us perhaps had ‘Audrey Hepburn’ experience through direct or hidden messages. Can you think of those around you who control by creating GUILT? My office is filled with people who suffered high doses of such teachings: ‘Do as I WANT YOU TO DO. Make me happy. Make others happy. Do NOT be SELFISH thinking of YOUR needs.’ Meanwhile, GUILT MAKERS ARE CERTAINLY thinking about THEMSELVES…

A heavy dose of this can create ‘SELFLESS’ individuals who ‘SERVE’ others while forgetting WHO they are. They do not DEVELOP their potential.
Yet, HEALTHY SELFISHNESS is what makes plants grow even through cracks of asphalt…. the flower extends its head towards the sun, towards the light. The flower gives us beauty naturally in the SELFISH pursuit of its OWN survival 😉


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