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Dr. Louise Aznavour
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Montreal, Canada

We feel most energetic and empowered around some people yet totally exhausted with others. Attitudes that we allow around or inside us may either energize or deplete us.
Think of a friend or a co-worker you have. Under the same difficult condition:
– one is            Staying Upbeat         – staying positive
– the other is    Staying Up … Beat   – feeling defeated … unable to sleep
Which one will be less exhausted?
Who do you think will have the stamina to solve issues more effectively?
Which one would you hire if there was a job opening

Staying Upbeat can be learned

Louise Mission Statement

“ Long ago I promised myself to keep enthusiasm and be ‘a student of life’ for all my life. Our complex world, at times, makes the challenge difficult. Yet, I too get energized creating momentum for others.  

So, let us stay fascinated as students of life. 

Thinking Globally Inviting To Impact Locally creating my Boomerang Effect. What a privilege for me to be among these human beings in faraway lands.

May the Boomerang Effect be with you!

Curriculum Vitae

English, French, Armenian, Turkish, Sign Language for the Deaf

1974 Université de Montréal, Doctorate in Clinical Psychology
1972 Université de Montréal, Masters in Clinical Psychology
1970 Sir George Williams University (Concordia U.), Bachelors degree with honors in Psychology
1989 and 1991 Courses in Sign Language for the Deaf at Gallaudet University (the first University for the Deaf, Washington, D.C.) and courses at Mackay School for the Deaf, Montreal, Canada.
2013 Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Member of The Association For Integrative Psychology
1961-1965 American College for Girls
(Robert College) A.C.G. Alumni Award
General Public: Private Therapy – Consultation – Coaching
Business Sector: Individual Employee Coaching and Group Seminars – Workshops – Boot Camps
International Projects: Business Sector – General Public

(Ongoing) visit my website: www.stayingupbeat.com, books, CDs, communications etc.

Becoming an Optimist: Prevention of Burnout in Health Care Professionals, WFMH World Congress, Dublin, Ireland. Louise Aznavour, Scientific Programme, 109, 1995

Optimism Knocks. Louise Aznavour, Maureen Stafford, Michael Perreault. Training and Development, 10, 1994

Professional Caretakers Learn Selective Optimism as an Antidote to Burnout. Louise Aznavour, Maureen Stafford. IV WARP Congress, Book of Abstracts, 73, 1993.
Study presented at IVth Congress of World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Dublin, Ireland, 26-29 September

Soignez Vos Phobies. Reader’s Digest, 81-84, 1985 (Article by Madelaine Roy based on interviews including Louise Aznavour)

The Comparative Effectiveness of Relaxation and Modeling of Self-Instructions in the Treatment of Stuttering. Louise Aznavour. 1982. (Draft of a research study)

Treatment of Stuttering by Relaxation, Self-Instructions and Modeling: A Behavioral Treatment Package. Louise Aznavour, Zahid Wasti, Paul Klodnisky.1980 (Research study prepared in collaboration with McGill University Psychology students

Effects of Volume and Caloric Preloading on Short Term Metabolic Cueing in the Obese. Louise Aznavour, Walter Watts.1976.
Research Study done with Dr. Walter Watts, concurrently a professor at University of New Brunswick and doing an internship at Behavior Therapy Unit, Douglas Hospital Center

Marathon Groups: One Session Behavioral Package for the Overweight. Louise Aznavour.1975.(Group therapy offered and data gathered to prepare and propose a model for future treatments, teaching and conferences for the university and hospital settings)

Effectiveness of Supplied Mediators in Relation to Presentation Modality and Retrieval Cue.Tannis Y. Arbuckle, Louise Aznavour. J. Experimental Psychology, 1973, 98, 286-290.

Self-Regulation. The Concept Its Objectives and Methods. (Masters Thesis, 1972)

Comparison of Different Methods of Self-Control in Tolerance of Noxious Stimulation. (Doctoral Thesis, 1974)
This study, based on experimental research protocol, gave promising results reaching statistical significance. A copy of this experimental research can be obtained from the archives of Université de Montréal.

Selective Optimism
The Power of Humor
Wellness Training
Mind/Body Connection (Psychoneuroimmunology)
Social Skills Deficits
Obesity/Food related disorders/Body Image


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