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Some of my videos date back 10 years 11 years and my team has advised me that we need to bring them back again. Part of the reason being that whatever that was going on then and I was talking about certain paths that we need to take are as relevant today as they were before. 

Attitudes that we allow around or inside us may either energize or deplete us. Creativity, resilience and problem solving get easier with staying upbeat tools and attitudes. Think of two friends you have under equally difficult conditions. One is staying upbeat meaning keeping on being positive, whereas the other is staying up, beat meaning not sleeping, remaining awake, defeated. Which of the two friends will be less exhausted at the end of the day? Which do you think will have a stamina to solve issues more effectively in the long run? Winners let their thinking affect the limitations of the environment. Losers do just the opposite. They let the limitations of the environment affect their thinking. Similarly optimists highlight best possible outcomes in situations, pessimists highlight worst possible outcomes in situations. You know, both attitudes may be essential to achieve preferred results. It is just that at the end of the day pessimists are exhausted and exhausting for those around. Staying upbeat may be the solution. Realistically pursuing best possible outcomes without exhausting weight of a pessimistic attitude. 

There are so many applicants to receive therapy consultation from me that it’s kind of becoming a feeling of overwhelm and being inundated with requests and that is the fact that I do not want to reduce the quality of my professional involvement so then therefore I get in touch with my colleagues, I refer people to them and I give some phone numbers so on. Meanwhile, my colleagues are telling me not to refer anyone, not to suggest anyone they are overwhelmed. So then therefore I suggest that you watch videos I do have, I think about 70 or so. Watch them, do some self therapy, okay, it is time to help ourselves as much as feasible. Years have passed and yet the pandemic did the people in. And it’ll take us some time to really collect ourselves.

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