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Training Programs for Anxiety, Phobia, Panic Attack, Stress Management, Communication Skills, Couples Therapy, Marriage / Relationship Counselling, Quality of Life, and other problems people face in daily living.

Business people and others from all walks of life contact Dr. Aznavour for Leadership Skills, Presentation Skills, Negotiation Skills, Team Building, Goal Setting, Leadership Management, Anger Management, Burnout Prevention, and Personal Growth….

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  • Workshops – Boot Camps – Coaching open doors for “Mind-Boggling Success”   and   “Superhuman Productivity”

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  • Staying Upbeat
  • Creative Leadership Boot Camp
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills Training Boot Camp
  • Positive Attitude & Empowerment

Dr. Aznavour has a wide perspective towards differences in cultural groups due to her internationally enriched experiences and knowledge of languages including French, English, Armenian, Turkish, and Sign Language for the Deaf.

She continues to maintain a private practice in Montreal – Canada while giving workshops internationally.

Dr. Louise Aznavour
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