Goodbye stress-

Hello Success!

- Dr. Louise Aznavour

Learn Winning Attitudes – Bring Out Your Personal Best. “GOODBYE STRESS – HELLO SUCCESS” is the Self-Help Handbook of 21 Empowerment Techniques & Exercises to help you say “No” to tension while reaching out for success.
This book is based on techniques used during more than 20 years of professional experience in helping people change for the better.
“GOODBYE STRESS – HELLO SUCCESS” delivers hands-on and fact-based input on how to handle stress, to bring back and further develop our natural Bounce Back Factor in living.
You see when children fall they naturally Bounce Back. In the adult world of frustrating experiences and accumulated failures, we lose abilities that children have: resilience…
Consider the following: “Winners Let Their Thinking Affect Limitations of the Environment. Losers Do Just The Opposite. They Let Limitations of the Environment Affect Their Thinking.”
1. We feel most energetic and empowered around some people yet totally exhausted with others.
2. Attitudes that we allow around or inside us may either energize or deplete us.
3. In a world where negative and pessimistic attitudes are rampant, it is essential to keep our resilience flowing.
4. “Happy” or “miserable” live in your mind. And, it is all in your mind!
5. Learning to deal with pessimism – in others and in you – develops your self-confidence and strength of character.
6. Winning Attitudes are learned. You, too, can be a winner!
Welcome to “Goodbye Stress – Hello Success”

Goodbye stress-Hello Success!

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