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Know Yourself

= Know Yourself =

Some people have a fixed way of seeing things.

Others resist change and want to keep things the way they are.

Lucky are those who see opportunities.


Make the best of a situation.


Which one are you?



Some people do not come up with any suggestions themselves.
They are ready to criticize the ideas of others very easily.

When someone brings you a suggestion, do you ask yourself:

violet-arrow‘What do I like about this? ‘

violet-arrowHow can I use this? ‘


violet-arrowDo you destroy it because you do not know much about it?

violet-arrowDo you ignore it because the idea did not come from you?

violet-arrowDo you reject it because no one has done it that way before?

If you want to be “staying upbeat” then Know Thyself (yourself) and bring your best self out by holding the “mirror of reality”….. not easy hmmmmm?!!!

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