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In communication do you HEAR, SEE and FEEL what is not openly out there? Keep your eyes and ears open!

This thing called communication: sometimes it’s overrated. David Burns has written the book, it is a classic actually and it can be a useful one. Feeling Good the New Mood Therapy. It’s cognitive behavior therapy well it’s a thick book and it has a companion. David Burns MD.

Now the cultural differences: in one culture it is humongously insulting to show the palm of your hand. For instance, if you are going to say number five, if you say this, it’s insulting you go like this . It’s almost like we need to go to finishing school to live together.

Or you do not show the soul of your feet. That’s one of the biggest, humongous insult. Or definitely you do not put your feet on the table, like the professor at the university did, in my other video.

So this man closed the door and very arrogantly put his feet on the desk, looked at me and said: “We only accept two or three applicants, we have limited spaces at the universities; why are you applying? Beautiful women find husbands, they get married, they have children, they don’t pursue. Why should you take the place of somebody else who needs bread money?” What goes around, comes around”.

While a student, we had seen a video also of two different cultural communication Styles: a British is communicating with an Indian human being. The British has a certain distance need okay? And yet the Indian human being, very hot and lively, warm human, lovable human being, he kind of comes close and close while talking, and the British goes back and back. And this is so beautiful to see, stunning video, in which you see the angle at one point: the British is more and more going back perhaps in disdain because that’s the way he has been conditioned to keep a distance. And the other one is become coming closer and closer to the other.

So that’s one communication issue. So CODE OF CONDUCT is something. Let’s be sensitive, perhaps, we need to learn how to smooth out differences by being alert by listening well, by observing well. And if you notice more and more I’m going there into the observing, the detective work learning, becoming more flexible, in being able to fit any environment. Okay.

Otherwise the RULE OF THE JUNGLE we are going to be accepting?! I don’t think so. What do you think? Discuss with friends and family, bring these issues up. Look where politic, politicians are going: more and more to your face. It’s almost come to a point where I said you know we teach assertion skills training, yes, where I said haha perhaps it enters into assertive skills training to learn how to swear; and perhaps I should learn how to swear?! Imagine. I mean is this the type of a society that we are inviting? I wouldn’t want to think so.

Live Laught Learn
Live Laught Learn20

Thoughts to live by:  ստեղ ասույթներ են, կարող ես սիրուն առանձնացնել

Learn to listen it is an art.

Energy creates energy: feel it go towards positive energies

It is what it is: be solution oriented do one thing at a time and do it well

Your body knows what you think: are you collecting positive thoughts?

Treat everyone as you would like to be treated the Golden Rule.

Don’t be afraid of saying I don’t know or I am sorry and mean it too everything big and small is here for a reason.

Pay attention and be careful what comes out of your mouth your words create your reality you carry your reality with you.

Don’t take decisions when you are angry!

Be careful of those who have nothing to lose

Don’t take away someone’s hope: it may be all they have to hold on

To get rid of hatred and bitterness they do you much harm don’t get out of control at any time. Breathe deeply.

Growth comes through challenges; you will be stronger and wiser because of them. You know.

Live more in your heart, and less in your head.

Loneliness is a state of mind; you don’t need other people to be able to love yourself, enjoy the beauty of this Earth all around you.

Live in the moment, focus on now: that’s the only time you’ve got!

And of course, LIVE, LAUGHT, LEARN: that’s my motto!

Love you