You are currently viewing My special GIFT to you during Covid-19 Dr. Louise Aznavour Solution Oriented Coaching Psychologist

My special GIFT to you during Covid-19 Dr. Louise Aznavour Solution Oriented Coaching Psychologist


Hello everyone. It’s quite a while that I did not prepare any videos I am quite busy and the types of clientele come to me is because they need it, and I need to be useful having a purpose laser beam focus health professionals, energies are challenged, because this is not a profession for me it’s a calling, I cannot say no to people and I want to be useful. The type of clients, who come to me lately, are couples, who are divorcing one another, they cannot stand each other in close headquarters, close corners losing jobs covid 19 all the masks and the political situation, the international instabilities and all. 

So then therefore youth are unhappy, they are unable to continue with their studies, the way they want so they come to me and we really like in coaching, we tweak situations from helplessness to ways of looking at the world, in which they can bring out their potential best branding, and in the branding youth have to learn something aslo in that whatever they publish in facebook’s or linkedins or the social media stays with them-branding stays with them, they have to learn howe to present themselves to the society, somehow this language is not being taught to the youth and they are putting their curriculum vita-the social media is their curriculum vita. Cv-they are putting their cv in danger by giving any and every type of image of themselves without considering what they would like their legacy to be in the future. 

So, I work with them. At the same time, wanting to be cost effective, and getting into these YouTube videos takes energy and time, and people contact me through my website- Do so I am selective, I don’t work with everybody, I need to be useful purposeful and laser beam focused. Use me well! See you soon, bye bye and wear your mask, you protect me-I protect you. The sooner we get out of this covid 19, the better we are. We want to travel, yes? We want to keep our jobs , yes? The health professionals do not have an issue with keeping jobs, we are inundated with wanting to help, and we are helping and there is a limit, we need to help one another, each person has to take a responsibility towards the rest of the world we are one in all of this yes? Wear mask, I love you!  

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