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Realistic Positive Attitude – Your Beliefs Create Your Reality – My Nieces


Within the spirit of playfulness, I am unable or unwilling to continue writing this book or give a conference unless I share the following two real-life moments captured while my nieces were growing up.

Talia, my niece, was about 7 years old. This child blended with nature; the two almost became united. Animals drifted towards her. With her benevolent and curious attitude, Talia found all the sick animals in the streets and fields and brought them home to provide shelter and tender loving care.

One day Talia brought a tiny lizard into the apartment and placed it on top of the table on the balcony. She did not want the animal to fall from the 7th-floor balcony. With a swift move, Talia took a pair of reading glasses placed them in front of the tiny animal and said to us: “Watch him for a second, I’ll be back quickly.”

Would you believe that, until Talia returned her lizard rested there as if hypnotized and dizzy by the glare of reading glasses! How can I forget such a precious moment?

A second light-hearted yet philosophically deep memory is about my then 3-year-old niece, Nari. Nari is a name borrowed from Japanese; I believe it means the sounds of thunder!

Nari, my niece, and thunder…. Pay attention to this fitting coincidence of name selected for this child in the following true story: It was an unusually dark night with unstable winds and an angry ocean throwing around its weight through tall and frothy waves. All of a sudden there was a massive stroke of lightning nearby. The whole house lit up.

Simultaneously, the voice of my niece filled the house; she was looking at the sky and shouting in great excitement: “Daddy, daddy look, God is taking pictures!” To me, these are spiritual moments, where the mysteries of the universe reveal themselves in the entities of innocent children. And especially when it is dark that you, too, need to bring your stars out!

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy techniques and teachings rely heavily on emphasizing the strengths of the individual. Their focus is not on despair but on creativity, empowerment, and resilience.

Humor and laughter pave the bumps on the road along the way. When we laugh our body thinks we are happy.

For years, with my nieces around the dinner table, we debated different subjects, choosing serious topics and defending opposing points of view.

Some among us played the devil’s advocate in order to stir interest in the discussion. I am sure this has helped my nieces to seek information, weigh data, assimilate, and organize their thoughts.

They are both good debaters today. They are also quite assertive in their communication styles.

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