Remax Realtors Practice Resilience Stayingupbeat

Upon invitation this seminar was prepared for Remax Real Estate Brokers.
RE/MAX is an acronym for Real Estate MAXimum.


Sage with Age

Seminar prepared for the Manoir Westmount community for quality senior living in Westmount, Quebec, Canada. Structure for the Seminar: The Optimistic Outlook; Daily Sleep and Wake Up Routine; Humor and Laughter in Stress Management; Relaxation Exercises


Association Québécoise Des Personnes Aphasiques

Seminar Series I & II
Mindful Focus on the Present Moment (I)
Practice Session – Coaching – Role Play – Role Reversal (II)


Broward County Galt Ocean Learning Center Florida

Practice Techniques Build Positive & Resilient Attitudes
= Goodbye Stress – Hello Success =
            Live – Laugh – Learn


31st Annual Convention of the Ordre des dentistes du Québec

Les Journées Dentaires Internationales Du Québec, Palais du Congres, Montreal, Canada (About 1000 professionals attended to my presentation)
Le Stress: Comment Vous Immuniser Contre Ses Effets – Techniques Pratiques

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, the Canadian Dental Association held its annual meeting in conjunction with Les Journées dentaires internationales du Québec, one of the largest annual dental meetings in Canada. The meeting was held in the newly expanded Montreal Convention Centre.


Shari Zedek Congregation

Laugh Your Way Out of Stress


World Federation For Mental Health, World Congress, Dublin, Ireland

Becoming an Optimist: Prevention of Burnout in Health Care Professionals


IV WAPR Congress, Dublin, Ireland

Professional Caretakers Learn Selective Optimism As An Antidote to Burnout


Center for the Advancement of Nursing Practice

Nurse’s Week: Jewish General Hospital
Antidotes to Burnout


Mackay Center

Study day offered to staff and management
Burnout: Prevention and Intervention
Anger Management – groups for the students
Social Skills Training – groups for the students


Hope and Cope

Oncology Department Staff, Jewish General Hospital
Humor and Positive Imagery in Stress Management


Cancer Patients Self-Help Group

Jewish General Hospital
Workshop on Stress Management


LaColle Center, Concordia University

Humor, Laughter and Relaxation Training in Stress Management


Ami Quebec

Support group for individuals diagnosed as having obsessions and compulsions.
Over the years periodically invited as a resource professional.


Jewish General Hospital

Highlights of Seminars and workshops spread around different years:

  • Positive Power of Humor in stress management
  • Behavior Therapy Emphasized Employee Well-Being: “Caretakers Learn to Prevent Burnout”
  • Invited address: La Journée d’étude des Propriétaires du Programme des Foyers Gériatriques
  • Intensive Training Session on Relaxation Techniques
  • Series of seminars to boost the morale of “burnout” staff due to downsizing
  • Special conference offered to Cadre (Management of the hospital)
  • Downsizing Stress and Expanding Success in Communication

The Personnel Group of Montreal

Seminar on Communication Skills Training


Tekeyan Cultural Association

Workshop offered to the community
Invited Address: Metabolic Cueing in the Obese


Université du Québec a Montréal

5ieme Colloque Quebecois Sur La Santé Mentale
Entraînement a l’auto affirmation de Soi Pour Les Femmes
Workshop offered to general staff, professors and university students


CEGEP Edouard-Montpetit

La Semaine de Psychologie Wilhelm Wundt
Invited Address on Behavior Therapy

Couple Therapy - Relationship Issues


Issues selected, their definition, and aspects of the proposed practical solutions makes this book interesting and useful tool for individuals as well as for groups. Each issue is handled in a short yet to the point manner, making the massage relatable and proposed solution easily adoptable...

Testimonial V.

Anxiety - Fears - Panic Attacks


I was working out in a gym in Montreal, Canada and I had a lovely conversation with a lovely, happy and energetic woman bursting with joie de vivre!
I soon discovered she was the author of this book and I could not wait to get my hands on it!
The messages are clear and the solutions are executable. To everyone who would like to live an enlightened, peaceful and efficient life: Read this book and take the time to apply the some of the proposed strategies in your daily life situations...

Testimonial Jasmine

Depression - Burnout


I have finished reading your book, ``Goodbye Stress - Hello Success``. It was a nice read. Dr Aznavour stuck to basic concepts/principles and used down to earth examples. A lot of the material in this book, throughout the years, I personally have studied, been told or picked up...

Testimonial Habs#1Fan
Hello Success, Great Read!

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