I get energized by creating momentum for others

Cognitive Behavior Therapy is the main approach I use. Individual and Group Sessions are practical, hands-on and highly interactive. Internationally enriched professional experiences for more than 25 years as well as intimate knowledge of cultures and multiple languages including French, English, Armenian, Turkish, and Sign Language for the Deaf add to a wide perspective in understanding cultural groups. I maintain a private practice in Montreal - Canada while giving workshops internationally.

Louise Aznavour

Let us motivate each other to stay fascinated as students of life!


General Public

I also love helping people with Stress Management, Wellness Training, Building Resilience, Creativity, and Healthy Aging...

Business Sector

The organized group activities, advanced Interpersonal Communication Skills Training, Leadership Skills, Positive Attitude...

Ultimately our beliefs become our reality
Stop complaining, focus on solutions instead
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