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In addition to their private coaching sessions, some of my private clients extend my services to include coaching their employees in individual or group projects.
These extended projects are Continued Education Seminars – Workshops – Boot Camps.
The organized group activities provide advanced Life Skills in work, social, and family environments.

This is a good time to introduce a light touch!


Please note that Psychologists are bound by professional confidentiality laws. Your private conversations with me are confidential.

This review is from: Goodbye Stress – Hello Success (Kindle Edition) Congratulations Dr. Aznavour for tackling a difficult topic in the ingenious manner! This book is a MUST read for ALL as we can all benefit from better stress management as well as the key the concepts of living a successful life. I have recommended your book to many friends and colleagues who have also enjoyed this very well written book. Thank you!

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I am just messaging you to say thank you. Thank you for your energy, thank you for your help. I watched many of your videos and they always put a huge smile on my face. I hope you’ve been enjoying this beautiful weather. You and the current sunshine ☀ have a lot in common