Solve it or go around it

When faced with challenges, focus on finding as many
Solution Oriented Options as you possibly can


Couple Therapy – Relationship Issues

– A simple discussion between you two turns into verbal or physical attacks
– You are having major issues due to infidelity, goal setting in general, sharing responsibilities in child rearing, family finances….
– You have challenges and problems raising your children

Anxiety – Fears – Panic Attacks

– You worry and feel nervous and uneasy more often than not
– You are hyper-reactive to stress and even may avoid situations that cause you stress
– You expect that the worst will happen in situations that give you anxiety

Depression –

– You have frequent bouts of lingering sadness
– You have lost interest overall
– You feel tired most often
– You cannot concentrate
– You cannot decide


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“…I just wanted to thank you for the marvelous marvelous time yesterday (at the workshop). I think it was amazing, I was walking on clouds on the way home. …I am still up in the air… Participants really benefited…people told me how they benefited…that is what they told me …that is what I experienced, too… so, we have to talk…The sun is shining, it is wonderful!…”