Anxiety – Fears – Panic Attacks

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is result-oriented, goal-directed and practical. You will see yourself in action through role-plays with me. This is like practicing a sport. You get better through hands-on practice. With my continuously sharpened, interactive and light-hearted coaching skills, I can help you develop healthy and adaptive behaviours empowering you to face as well as become playful in previously dreadedsituations
Let us undo destructive fear habits you have developed. There is no doom and gloom in my room. Let us challenge the emotional blocks you created which do not allow you to bring out your best potential.

Live – Laugh – Learn while having fun

I can help you if:

– You worry and feel nervous and uneasy more often than not
– You are hyper-reactive to stress and even may avoid situations that cause you stress
– You expect that the worst will happen in situations that give you anxiety
– People around usually tell you ‘to relax’
– You may develop fears about situations, people and places. You may need to escape situations
– You have Panic Attacks – extreme fear accompanied by physical reactions such as, sweating, dizziness, trembling, visibly shaking, palpitations, chest pain, shortness of breath, pounding heart, nausea, feeling faint, frequent need to urinate, tingling sensations, fear of dying-
– You worry about having a Panic Attack – fear of fear –

Let’s exercise together TAKING ONE STEP AT A TIME


DELETE WORRY out of your mind using techniques from the video



STOP NEGATIVE THOUGHTS using techniques from the video



eBook - AudioBook

Testimonial by Jonathan

This book was and is a great help for me.
First, it's easy to read, to understand, everything flows. That being said it need to be taken very seriously, you need to interact with the book. You have to question yourself and re think your old habit and paradigm.
Second it's full of good exercises and great techniques that you can apply in your life and with your day to day challenges...




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