Couple Therapy – Relationship Issues

Live – Laugh – Learn while having fun.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is result-oriented, goal-directed and practical. You will see yourself in action through role-plays with me. This is like practicing a sport. You get better through hands-on practice. With my continuously sharpened, interactive and light-hearted coaching skills, I can help you develop healthy and adaptive behaviours empowering you to face as well as become playful in previously dreadedsituations

Let us undo destructive fear habits you have developed. There is no doom and gloom in my room. Let us challenge the emotional blocks you created which do not allow you to bring out your best potential.

Live – Laugh – Learn while having fun.

I can help you if:

– A simple discussion between you two turns into verbal or physical attacks
– You lack emotional and physical intimacy
– Couple problems are worsened due to Sexual Dysfunction – low sexual desire, pain during intercourse, inability to have orgasm, difficulty having an erection, premature ejaculation…-
– You are having major issues due to infidelity, goal setting in general, sharing responsibilities in child rearing, family finances….
– You have challenges and problems raising your children
– Extended families are a source of escalated arguments for the couple
– You have lost the deep affection initially you felt towards one another
– You are feeling uncomfortable when your partner is in the same room with you!



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Testimonial by Chris


Well this is an excellent book. I highly recommend it to anybody who aspires to achieve big things in life or simply in order to learn the great gifts our mind has in store for us, if only we choose to utilize it to its fullest potential. I believe this book teaches one how master your mind and once you can master your mind; life is whatever you want it to be. So with that being said, this book equips you with life's essential toolbox.




Please note that Psychologists are bound by professional confidentiality laws. Your private conversations with me are confidential.