Depression – Burnout

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is result-oriented, goal-directed and practical. You will see yourself in action through role-plays with me. This is like practicing a sport. You get better through hands-on practice. With my continuously sharpened, interactive and light-hearted coaching skills, I can help you develop healthy and adaptive behaviours empowering you to face as well as become playful in previously dreadedsituations

Let us undo destructive fear habits you have developed. There is no doom and gloom in my room. Let us challenge the emotional blocks you created which do not allow you to bring out your best potential.

Live – Laugh – Learn while having fun.

I can help you if:

– You have frequent bouts of lingering sadness
– You have lost interest overall
– You feel tired most often
– You cannot concentrate
– You cannot decide
– Sometimes you do not even get out of the bed…. ‘why bother’ you say!
Trying to avoid BURNOUT? With me, in a respectful yet light hearted environment, you learn to let go of the negative thoughts and habits that pull you down. You can push back and reject to be depressed by taking control over your negative thoughts. You can replace your poisonous and self-defeating thoughts and behaviours with empowering, self-sustaining and affirming ways of being.



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Testimonial by Hugues M.


My first language is French but reading this book was so easy. I enjoyed to follow the flow of the book and the exercises. And the exercises are excellent and very funny. It is a book for anyone who has stress in their lives....and nowadays who does not have stress!!! I will highly recommend this book to friends, family and anyone who want to improve on themselves.




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