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Some People Are More Resilient


Instead of Cursing Darkness, Light a Candle.

Consider the following: Know Yourself!

When faced with difficulties, why do some people fall apart more often than others?
Do you fall apart often?

When faced with difficulties some people ‘bleed all over the place.’ Instead of dealing with problems related to work at work, they carry the problem with them everywhere. They may fight with everyone at home, they stop exercising, they don’t eat well, or they sleep too much or they take their frustrations out on their dog.

Do you carry your problems everywhere?

Often such people make sure everyone else around them gets a negative charge, too.

Do you give a negative charge to others around you?

Now your task is to help such a person. What would you say?

Self-pity and whining are energy vampires! Rather than feeling defeated and depleted, bring positive change in others and in yourself. When faced with challenges, focus on finding as many Solution Oriented Options as you possibly can.

You will become a creative individual on the way to staying upbeat. You will feel energized when faced with problems knowing that each challenge boosts your resilience muscles.

Be a ‘can do’ person.

PRACTICE EXERCISE: Moving towards what you want instead of away from what you don’t want.

It is energizing and empowering when you move towards what you want instead of away from what you do not want.

Exercise: Moving Towards What You Want

It is better to say:
“I want to keep active and learn continuously”.

Instead of:

“I do not want my brain to become lazy and rot away.”

It is better to say:
“I like it so much when we find quality time together like this.”

Instead of:

“I don’t want you to ignore me.”

It is better to say:
“At 130 lbs. this bathing suit will look great on me”

Instead of:

“I am so fat, I need to lose weight.”


Overall, what do you think others hear when you talk?

• A person who reacts reasonably, with justice, enthusiasm, empathy, and fairness?

• Someone who overreacts to things, is excessive, obsessive, and has no sense of humor?

• Someone who is disinterested, negative, finding faults with everything and everyone around?

• While you are discharging your problems, are you aware that you are giving the listener a negative charge? Just like batteries!

• Are you on automatic pilot? When with others usually do you talk mostly about problems?

• Do you think a poster “Save Your Energy – Stop Complaining – Focus on Solutions” will be useful for you to have?

• If so, it is very easy for you to make your own. Make several and place them in strategic locations, i.e. inside the medicine cabinet, close to your desk, on the fridge door, etc. or read my eBook and listen to my AudioBook GOODBYE STRESS HELLO SUCCESS 

Pass the good word around. Imagine the energy savings for all concerned.

It is certainly better to budget your energy while you become a Solution Oriented Person.


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