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Faced with a situation, do you always look at what’s missing instead of what’s there? If you tend to mostly look at what’s missing, then, change your focus!
For example, your husband wants to surprise you, prepares dinner. Like some people I know, perhaps you, too, are tempted to point out that:
• He should not have dirtied the kitchen floor.
• What a mess he left behind.
• The food needed more salt.
• Besides, men don’t know how to cook.
• Why doesn’t he take you to eat in a restaurant anyway?
• He should have told you what he was up to
• You do not like such surprises, so would he please not repeat this, ever again? Exercise: Change Your Focus
• My husband wanted to make me happy.
• What a loving, giving, and caring my husband is! Do you always look at the bad instead of the good?
Change your focus! For instance, your daughter earns good marks. But you are not happy at all. Your mind is busy with other things about your daughter; you tell yourself:
• What a spoiled brat; the word “polite” is not even in her dictionary!
• Her room is a mess.
• She came in one hour later than the curfew last night.
• On and on and on …. (It is easy to have a long list with teenagers) sharing them with family, friends, and colleagues. will create winners.
You will have less number of complaints around you, too. does it! Give time for positive changes to take place. all, we did not arrive in this world along with.  Now, change your focus and say:
• She does not take drugs, or smoke or drink.
• During the past month this was the only time she came in one hour late.
People are willing to play creatively when they feel good inside. Make winners of people You will then have a loyal team and the entire world as your playground. Would you rather be with the walking-wounded? A team filled with vitality and a driving sense of purpose? Hmmm?

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