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The Thought Stopping Technique gets rid of the lemons in your mind!
Be in control of your thoughts and images rather than be tortured by them.
Some people exhaust themselves thinking that if they worry long enough and hard enough, they will prevent problems or find better solutions…not so!
Chronic worrying is a learned habit. Now the good news: you can learn to break the habit of worrying. To be an effective problem solver, first, it is a good idea to calm down your mind otherwise known as “your chatterbox”. Let us practice Thought Stopping Technique as your antidote.

This technique was developed by Cognitive Behavior Therapists. The technique uses the principle that our mind can have one thought at a time. Once you stop the unwanted thought you fill the empty space with a more acceptable thought and image.
This video shows you how to use the Thought Stopping Technique. Creating such self-help videos and providing step-by-step practice sessions, done on your own time, speeds the process of learning whether you are in therapy, attending a workshop, a business meeting, talking to family members, dealing with difficult people, demanding bosses, intimidating partners…

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