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Stress, Anxiety, Panic Attacks – Survival Techniques


Everyone talks about stress. Most often scientists, media, and other information dispensers make us believe that we are missing the target on stress management. Some propose a quick fix: “Surviving in a world with continued changes, to learn from the wisdom of the past, who has the time? Turn the page, continue, and don’t stop!” There you are Welcome to “Club Stress” This is not “Club Mediterranee!”
TIP and sharing them with family, friends, and colleagues. You will create winners. You will have less number of complainers around you, too. Easy does it! Give time for positive changes to take place. After all, we did not arrive in this world with a neatly written Instruction Manual. In our toolbox upon arrival, we do not possess step-by-step instructions on how to use our minds without damaging our human machinery! Do you agree?
***Fair Play: Giving appropriate credits and without making any changes to the document, feel free to copy from this site to share with others. Thank you, LA As a psychologist increasingly I hear complaints about panic and claustrophobia. People need psychological space. They feel powerless. They need oxygen. This statement was as true in 2005 when I first wrote this book in the spirit of taking preventative measures. Now we are in 2011, economic, social, and psychological restlessness is even more palpable in the population.
Prevention is easier than intervention. There is massive anxiety in the air. You and I know life is tough; at the same time, we are expected to stay calm and look poised. So on the surface, we appear calm, but we have to pedal like mad to keep afloat. Sometimes I feel like saying how can I find my Give me a break. Even when we are quietly going through the day, minding our business, do you think we are left in peace? Sometimes I feel like saying how can I find my “inner calm” when I cannot even find my car keys! Give me a break. Even when we are quietly going through the day, minding our business, do you think we are left in peace? Thanks to the television and the newspapers, everything becomes a major problem, a catastrophe. Harsh realities are spread in front of our eyes by various media in Technicolor and with often enhanced Audio-Visual Effects. So, we are not only seeing partial reality We are also being forced to Become voyeurs A daily diet of tensions Lived or perceived Can wreak havoc on our nerves Even some of the professionals in the health field are guilty. Instead of focusing on the strengths of the human being, health professionals highlight that which is missing or that which is a weakness. Constantly we are reminded about how stressed we are! Oh! Well…That which creates fear sells. Then, let us be alert consumers of goods as Vendors try to push through us. Similarly, Fear Mongering is big business.
Be a selective consumer. Know Thyself! What do you know about Your knee-jerk reactions in tense situations? Do you care to know? Well, you should care and also take measures if want “Goodbye Stress – Hello Success” To become your chosen path.

 Mini Audio selections are chapters extracted from GOODBYE STRESS – HELLO SUCCESS The AudioBook 

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