Before going to a session a consult even if I’m out of the country I do continue working, playing actually it’s never work for me, okay, I wanted to share this with you in that Optimists never complain about situations; pessimists complain and take the energies of others away in the process; and the realist adjusts his or her sails, depending on the situation. Which one are you? 

Let’s be the realist, shall we? Look at the beauty; wherever we are – in Montreal Canada right  now there is snow, and I’m looking forward to my walks in the snow. While here, I’m looking forward to the Sea. What are you looking forward to today?  Please don’t say, oh Louise, you know in this posh environment you know how can you not be happy? No that’s not the case!

Happiness is an inside job. I have so many people around me who are in posh environments and who are continuously, continuously complaining. So then therefore let’s carry our happiness and also the attitudes with us. Let’s pick up our attitudes. Which one are you  picking up today? okay? Ah think about it. I’m trying well I try to be steady, listen to The silence from inside out.

In fact HAPPINESS IS AN INSIDE JOB, and You and I by now should know it, okay. To tell you the truth, taller mountains may have even more challenges, okay? You have to take care  of whatever you have, uh the ones who are greedy around you, so on and so forth, without going into details, okay? I try to go steady and keep the harmony: breathe, breathe deeply, do that with me. Look into those videos of mine about breathing. 

One of the best techniques for relaxation: this is the deep breathing technique. Now it’s good to combat insomnia, while you are in bed, you do that, it’s good to lower the blood pressure, they say, anxiety, panic attacks. You take a deep breath from your tummy, fill up the oxygen. When you take a breath from your tummy, you increase the lung capacity. So that’s the taking in the breath, then you hold it for five count and then you exhale for 5 count. Let’s do it! Together I’m getting rid of my toxins: how beautiful can it get! About anger management, especially about boundaries. 

And now into the BRRRR Montreal  from 83° down to below 0 degrees. And there was a snowstorm and this is in a few day change from down south to Montreal Canada. And I love it. This one I love it, the other one I love it.  So happiness is an inside job. And right now, in fact, there was someone was trying to feed himself and was begging. And I said: you know what, how about if we go into the  restaurant and eat together. And that’s exactly what we did, and that’s exactly the way I want. Because there somebody else was complaining about um you know why the beggars, why this, why that? Well, this was a refugee from Romania from a different country. So if you are going to have refugees, then try to find jobs for them as well. If not it’s the public who has to take care of one another! Love you! Okay bye-bye! I’m going to continue with my walk! Love you!