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There is so much doom and gloom circulated in this world.  So, as a balancing act, this Website has the motto “Do not curse the darkness, light a candle instead”

Creative Problem Solving gets easier while staying upbeat.

Whenever you come across interesting material – e.g. videos, slide shows, wise sayings, stories – send them to stayingupbeat.com in order to enlarge, empower and energize this winning circle. The act of sharing energizes you. Visit often and contact me at

Contact >>  LouiseAznavour.com

*** I receive an abundance of upbeat materials and distribute some of these to my “Winning Circle” by e-mail 2-3 times during the year. If you want to be included in the list please let me know.

Let us create synergy towards staying upbeat. Enjoy!

We all need to be valued and our voices heard. So, watch this video ‘VALIDATION’ (16 min 24 sec.) take it to the next level. Be an empowering force to this world.


2010 comes with a wake-up call on being community oriented while staying upbeat in the ‘NOW’

Ghandi said “An eye for an eye, and soon the whole world is blind.” The world echoes back what we put out. If we are angry, we invite anger back.

You begin changing the world by first changing yourself said Ghandi. We are the change we want to bring about. Can we afford not to care?

  • Orchids and Thoughts (4 min )  Lose yourself within the hypnotizing orchid flowers and a soothing melody while contemplating on wise thoughts. Focusing on a wise thought each day… Change Yourself Change the World.


  • Be The Change You Want To See In This World  (2 min. video). People wait for others to make this world a better place. A young boy, a problem solver, changes his world and inspires others in the process. Create Win / Win -Intelligent beings avoid creating losing combinations i.e., you sneeze > the world gets the flu. We are all in this tiny world together, what goes around comes around! Therefore, think win/win for all, and you will be the winner in the process.

  • Create Positive Energy (2 min. video). Send this link to all those negative people who are energy vampires while others find solutions


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