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Take Charge Of Your Life


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Someone said, in life, there are three types of people: The first takes charge of the life. Life takes charge of the second. The third asks: “life? What life?!”
Which type are you?

Picture this, see yourself in your eighties, and you are asked to share your wisdom with the younger generation. They ask you the following 5 interesting questions.

Now, with each of the 5 questions coming up, I suggest you stop the video and meditate on your responses. You know reading a book on weight loss does not make you slim; changing your eating habits do. Buying a club membership and expensive exercise outfits do not make you fit; exercising does. Paying others to play tennis does not make you a tennis player, sweating on the court does.

Similarly, these videos are not for passive listening. Active participation is such a smart thing to do. So, stop and think about your responses which are the reflections of your attitudes! Know thyself. Know yourself…Socrates!

1. What would you like to be written on your gravestone?

For example: “Here lies john doe …all dressed up…and no place to go.”
Another example: “Here lies a man, who let the joy of living wait…. he waited too long….and now it’s too late!”

So, then,

1. What would you like to be written on your gravestone!
2. If you had a second chance in life, what would you do differently?
3. Typically, do you feel that you are taking charge of your life, or does life take charge of you?
4. Most of the time do you initiate or react to events?
5. Are you critical (and perhaps envious) of ‘take charge’ kind of people…people who initiate…who are leaders?
Asking smart questions is part of solving life’s challenges and building your destiny. Take charge of your life…

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