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Here is a very quick take before I enter into a consult. Several people have brought to my attention, and I have also felt it in my life, that jealousy is rampant. Jealousy often comes from people who think in terms of a zero-sum game, meaning, “I have to have it all, and others should not,” or “if you win, then I lose.” These ways of thinking are not useful whatsoever.

What I suggest, based on my own life experiences, involves situations that could be seen as either “situational comedy” or “tragic”—I’ll let you be the judge. As a young person, I used to wear a Jean Seberg short wig for fun. At social events, I often encountered jealousy, usually from other women.


One time, a woman pulled off my wig in front of everyone and laughed, saying it was a joke. Well, it was not a joke; it was jealousy, an attempt to pull me down. Another time, a woman pulled my chair out from under me. Fortunately, I didn’t fall to the ground but into the lap of a man who caught me, which only made her more jealous.

My friends, when you are successful, attractive, or draw attention, there will always be people who cannot digest who you are and what you have achieved. That’s okay. Remember this important lesson: “If others feel jealous and hostile towards you, remember things could be worse—you could be them!” Be grateful that you are not like them.

Especially to my female consultees, successful women often face this type of jealousy. Some people do nothing but drain the energy from those who are achievers. Let’s continue being doers and stay young at heart. Look forward and leave these envious individuals behind.

Take care, I love you all! Now, I’m off to my consult. Bye-bye!