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This teaching story was given to me by a participant at a boot camp on effective leadership in business. I use this story /poem in business training workshops on best practices in team building, how to discourage the blame game, and how to stop the ‘that’s not my job mentality. The story applies to life in general, families, and any group you can think of.
Here’s my take on the story: as a promoter of staying upbeat I believe anybody can do the following: in many business offices, families, and organizations those with the victim mentality think that nobody else does anything.
Don’t waste your energy playing the victim. Instead of complaining about the darkness light a candle. Do the right thing even when nobody is looking or even when you don’t get the credit. You build character. You build problem solvers muscles. Besides, with an open and clear heart, you will sleep better at night.

So, as leaders let you and I become the locomotives to educate, motivate, energize and empower everybody so that nobody can complain to anybody about life being hopeless due to that somebody!
Idealistic, you say, so what. Wouldn’t you prefer to look towards possibilities rather than run away from problems and become a depressed person with a victim mentality? Besides, achievers have direction. They look for projects. They are doers. They get energized by taking responsibility. And in all this, they stay young. You and I are achievers.

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