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“I am extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Aznavour over the past 10 months. This time has been transformational for me and has had a ripple effect extending to my family and even colleagues. She is a wonderful person with an infectious outlook on life, embodying the problem-solving frame of mind. Her ability to simplify seemingly complex issues is uncanny only matched by ability to help equip me with a personalized tool kit – ready to take on the day, week, and world! She is a true coach encouraging me to be the best person, father, husband and doctor I can be. For all of this and more I am eternally grateful.”
By Dr. Jordan Isenberg
BSc. MSc. MD-MBA, CM is a medical doctor professionally and a keen student of life personally; this necessitates creative thinking abilities. Whatever his professional choices are, he will continue to bring his personal signature along. Precious in the medical field; this is a true fusion of art and science complementing each other.
“I met Dr. Louise Aznavour when I was searching to know more about myself. I considered myself a balanced, happy and on the track individual and my curiosity to know more about myself led my path to meet the amazing Louise. She unlocked so much potential in me that I don’t even know this serene, joyful successful person, the new me. Our sessions are a source of energy, and I cannot wait till our next session. She engages and makes it her mission to help you find your way. She is one of the rare professionals in this field that does this work from the heart and her primary goal is to incite more humanity, wisdom, and kindness around her.

I am so grateful that our paths crossed.”
By Paris Kalantari
A Mechanical Engineer , professionally highly active in Mining Industry . She is the Director of Project Planning to a major company in Canada. She executes above the complexities of her titles define; within her projects and during her travels to sites, she adds her personal warmth to her professional presence. This delicate touch is so essential yet at times overlooked, in this tiny planet we live in.
In other words, Paris is a gem both as a human being and as a professional!
Louise Aznavour’s warm and heartfelt approach really allowed us, as a couple, to bring down our walls. She helps us realize that there was no lack of love but simply miscommunication and work on our perception…. really liked her way of getting us engaged in committing for change, it’s a recipe for success!
couple therapy
By Stephanie Baez & Laurent Girondeaud
Stephanie Baez - Artistic Dancer & Laurent Girondeaud - Financial Analyst with their baby Alicia.
“I am so grateful to have met Dr. Aznavour. Her professionalism, dedication and passion for her work has helped me make big progress in my life. She is authentic, caring, structured and very supportive. She helped me find the tools I needed to get unstuck, find my strength and see my potential. Her supportive, encouraging, and positive nature has inspired me to make some transformational changes in my life. After each conversation, I feel enlightened, energized, and empowered. I consider her my accountability partner because she gets me going, encourages me to take action and find solutions. Working with Dr. Aznavour has significantly improved my life and well being.”
Parev Dr. Louise! I must say I was very impressed with the delivery and the presentation of the anger management techniques in your subsequent videos, and I hope to be able to add you to my professional contacts.
by Firas Al Atiyat
Engagement Manager at TECOM Investments / Dubai Holding
Dear Louise, Thank you for getting in touch so quickly so I can again thank you. You were sent from heaven. I had not been informed about your lecture so it was fortuitous or maybe planned in heaven, for me to be at the library today. I missed most of your wise words because I arrived late but the last 15 minutes helped enormously with a major problem I am experiencing.
My spirits were lifted just listening to your encouraging words. Thank you again and I will certainly keep in touch.
by M. F. Galt
Ocean Learning Center
…I have always had tremendous respect for you and an appreciation of your ability, fairness, communication skills, and professionalism.
I must say the last session and your approach which was quite different to say the least was unbelievable.
Under such difficult conditions I was amazed how you could be so firm yet respectful and engaging at the same time.
I must admit it is the first time I ever witnessed such effective skills at this level.
You have helped and taught me so much in more ways than you probably realize for which I will always be grateful. Thank you!”
Outstanding Successful Entrepreneur in multiple international ventures
Dr. Aznavour is not only a psychologist but a dance partner in life, a mentor, a smiling coach 😊, a teacher, a savior, a secret keeper and a best friend with her warm smile and full of energy! Her teachings are far beyond for a couple therapist for me and my partner. I felt inner peace in myself and having fun time in my private and professional life! Grateful for my smart, great humorous, caring psychologist!

…Your book and exercise modules have been an inspiration to me. I even launched a new company to help reduce stress in the workplace. …We definitely need to talk…..Looking forward to reconnecting with you. …I think we have a lot to talk about…

I think Dr. Aznavour is the softest and the most caring specialist I’ve ever met.
I would like to take this moment to tell you, ... I'm so grateful to have met you. You are such a wonderful woman. Your smile, your laughter and your strength are a simple inspiration. I appreciate all your guidance and support and look forward to seeing you again.... Also, I'm still reading your book. I read a little at a time and reflect and try to apply your advice in different situations.
My dear Louise … May I take this time to say “Thank You” from the bottom of my heart .. How would I have gone through the last 5 months without you … Your professionalism, your understanding, your kindness and your intellectual strength brought me through the toughest time of my life
…I just wanted to thank you for the marvelous marvelous time yesterday (at the workshop). I think it was amazing, I was walking on clouds on the way home. …I am still up in the air… Participants really benefited…people told me how they benefited…that is what they told me …that is what I experienced, too… so, we have to talk…The sun is shining, it is wonderful!…”
Maureen Stafford, MSW Social Worker Invited Dr. Aznavour to offer her Workshop on “Stress Management”
Louise is a beautiful soul, from the inside out! She certainly doesn't lack positive energy, passion for her work and great humor. I am very grateful that our paths connected as I have learned quite a lot from our discussions.

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Lovely person, great videos, very relaxing talks. Helps a lot!
During the time that we were at University together I found Louise to be a dedicated student and
her determination to be the best in her field was apparent to one and all including myself.
I would recommend her as a friend and as a therapist without reservation. Sunny Manchanda
….Thank you (Louise) for being a light in the dark. You’ve been right about everything…. The last two years have felt like a huge reset, with everything reconsidered, including my purpose here. …I’m so grateful that you’ve been there to help me through this process, with the right words at the right time. Words are medicine too. I look forward to connecting with you again…. Much light and gratitude…

*Her music has been performed internationally by ensembles including: Ensemble Surplus (Freiburg); Ensemble Mosaik (Berlin); the Argonaut Ensemble (AUS); the Bozzini Quartet (Montreal); and Ensemble Linea (Strasbourg), at festivals including: Klangwerkstatt (Berlin); The Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (UK); the Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music (AUS), Suoni Per Il Popolo (Montreal); Cluster (Winnipeg); and Voix Nouvelles (FRA) … Visit > https://www.mariellegroven.ca/
...I can’t let this day go by with out feeling huge gratitude for the significant difference you’ve made in my life since our first conversation.
My heart, my mind, my soul appreciates and loves you. I’ll come in to ask a session soon.
For now please know that your voice that I carry with me is in every step I take. ❤️
Louise! This is so great! There’s sooooo much to learn from you! The way you live, think, spread ideas and energy, create mood! Wish one day we exchange these great levels of energy tête-à- tête…

Editorial Review in Amazon on

I absolutely loved “Good-bye Stress, Hello Success” by Dr. Louise Aznavour! It is a very simple read because of the way it is so well presented and illustrated, and it is loaded with timeless wisdom. Honestly speaking, it is the first e-book I ever bought, because with all of the free information available on line, I never thought it necessary to pay for more. However, this e-book is more than worth the token purchase price. We can all benefit from being reminded of the many great principles, strategies, and concepts of living a successful life, which are highlighted in this well-written resource. I could literally feel my stress level reducing while reading!

Editorial Review in Amazon on

Congratulations to Dr. Aznavour on her e-book entitled GOODBYE STRESS HELLO SUCCESS which is undoubtedly a success by all accounts. The book of the genre Psychology/Self-help is interesting, easy to read and filled with material, and techniques which are easy to apply equally for the amateur as for the professional. I particularly appreciated the interactive nature of the book, it’s light-hearted approach to imparting knowledge, as well as it’s ability to make you stop and reconsider the way you think and act. It is evident that Dr. Aznavour is a multiple-talented individual with a very positive and refreshing personality and she has very generously imparted knowledge, wisdom, clarity, humour and passion to her art of teaching life-coping mechanisms. I would recommend this book to anyone seeking to better understand themselves, and others. Everyone feels threatened by stress at different times and could benefit from her teachings. Thank you Dr. Aznavour for lifting us up, up, up!! The view is beautiful from up here…
By Dr. Milene Abadi-Etingin on “GOODBYE STRESS HELLO SUCCESS” by Dr Louise Aznavour
I would describe it as Guidance Tool filled with a great number of Techniques and Exercises that help you improve your life experience by learning healthy belief systems, techniques to help you stay positive, that empower you and keep you stress free. Louise Aznavour presents great quotes that give a good illustration and understanding of the specific healthy mental patterns we can adopt to stay upbeat. Since we all grew up in different environments and received different programming, we may not realize how this whole time we have been operating from an unhealthy place. Thanks to the models in this book,I have been able to isolate my own unhealthy attitudes and beliefs and replace them with new healthy ideas. Thank you so much Louise in helping me make that leap.
= “GOODBYE STRESS HELLO SUCCESS” The eBook and AudioBook by Dr. Louise Aznavour = I have read numerous self-help books over the years, most of which simply seem repetitive. It is no secret as to why
Dr. Louise Aznavour is a world renowned Psychologist because she has a unique ability
to approach everyday problems and conceive useful techniques to solve them. I recommend “GOODBYE STRESS HELLO SUCCESS”, the eBook as well as the AudioBook, separately and together, as they both illustrate some of her effective techniques. “GOODBYE STRESS HELLO SUCCESS” is filled with useful
Step-by-Step Techniques that I feel we should apply in our everyday living making it a HABIT to focus on
the Power of Mindset and gaining control over our daily stressful lives bringing positivity to our everyday experiences.
Since this book is so easy and fun to read and simple to apply in anyone’s life,
it makes a thoughtful gift to loved ones for any occasion. It will undoubtedly be appreciated.
Thank you Dr. Aznavour for continuing to inspire me and thousands around the world.
This review is from: Goodbye Stress – Hello Success (Kindle Edition)
In business our employees can use perspective to build resilience. The book is packed with techniques our sales people can use to overcome barriers to rejection. The chapter on Optimism touched me personally. Also the chapter on Anger Management has effective Anger Reduction Techniques to use at work and socially. Exercises to Control Worrying is a must read. Will buy for my employees, too. We already know Dr. Aznavour through her workshops. It is fun to read and easy to apply, daily. I highly recommend this book.
I am just messaging you to say thank you. Thank you for your energy, thank you for your help. I watched many of your videos and they always put a huge smile on my face. I hope you’ve been enjoying this beautiful weather. You and the current sunshine ☀ have a lot in common
This review is from: Goodbye Stress – Hello Success (Kindle Edition)
Most of the books I’ve read on this subject are full of impractical advice. This book gave me the tools I needed to improve my success in business and in life.
By R. Yane
… I am very grateful to have met you …Thank you for the wonderful energy you spread to those around you…
By Talinn K.
Scientist, lover of arts, pharmaceutical – health industry
This review is from: Goodbye Stress Hello Success (Kindle Edition)
I was working out in a gym in Montreal, Canada and I had a lovely conversation with a lovely, happy and energetic woman bursting with joie de vivre! I soon discovered she was the author of this book and I could not wait to get my hands on it! The messages are clear and the solutions are executable. To everyone who would like to live an enlightened, peaceful and efficient life: Read this book and take the time to apply the some of the proposed strategies in your daily life situations. You life will never be the same and your outlook will be completely transformed! You can become the cool, collected person you’ve always dreamed to be!!!
By Jasmine (Montreal-Canada) Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Goodbye Stress Hello Success (Kindle Edition)
My first language is French but reading this book was so easy. I enjoyed to follow the flow of the book and the exercises. And the exercises are excellent and very funny. It is a book for anyone who has stress in their lives….and nowadays who does not have stress!!! I will highly recommend this book to friends, family and anyone who want to improve on themselves.
This review is from: Goodbye Stress Hello Success (Kindle Edition)
This book came along at the perfect time for me. I was tired, lacking energy, and wondering how to deal with being a mother to two young children every day. I wasn’t sure what I could do to feel better. Then, this book found me. I never realized that you can teach yourself to have a positive outlook — it just never occurred to me! I started practicing some of the exercises in the book, and even when I wasn’t “formally” following them, the ideas were still in my mind. The result is that I now am able to keep negative thoughts at bay, automatically, without thinking about it. The part that has really stuck with me is about doom and gloom. Many years ago, someone used that phrase to describe me. Imagine my surprise when I got to the part of the book that said “Doom and gloom is not in my room.” I felt like that message was meant for me! Now, I’m still not a happy-go-lucky type of person, but I definitely feel like a lot of the negativity has lifted. I no longer dread the long, very long, days of motherhood. I make a point of trying not to worry about things that I can’t change. Thanks to this book, I really am finding that I can change my attitude around, instead of letting my surroundings dictate my attitude.
By Cristina L (Boston, MA)
I met Dr. Louise Aznavour 10 years ago in an expo, where she came with the attitude to help, cooperate, lead into new ventures. We worked together on stayingupbeat.com website. She also helped me find business contacts in Canada and make appointments. Since then I could always rely on Dr. Louise, when I needed advice, reference, experimentation of a tool, investigation of a new technology or just a friendly chat. She is always cheerful, positive, inspired, full of new ideas, open and bright.
By Gayane Dallakyan
Online Marketing Certified Professional
This review is from: Goodbye Stress Hello Success (Kindle Edition)
I have finished reading your book, “Goodbye Stress – Hello Success”. It was a nice read. Dr Aznavour stuck to basic concepts/principles and used down to earth examples. A lot of the material in this book, throughout the years, I personally have studied, been told or picked up (and I believe and agree with the concepts whole heartedly), however, by reading it again it only served to reinforce it, especially now that I am ready to put the necessary work into studying myself and working on improving myself. Dr Aznavour’s book “Goodbye Stress – Hello Success” has had a wonderful impact on me.
This review is from: Goodbye Stress Hello Success (Kindle Edition)
First things first. No book has a key to absolute success. There is no way to have a one true secret to being successful. You depend on other people and people depend on you. You yourself have the power to shine and rise to success.
This book is a guide to use in your everyday life. The style of this book is of short sentences, making it concise and to the point. It has many short stories but it moves around many themes. Between each theme or “chapter” a Checkpoint reinforces what you just read, helping you make the ideas stick. Many famous quotes and quotes from Dr. Aznavour herself, digest and summarize the ideology of success amongst the different segments.
A lot of the exercises exposed in the book are meant to be put in practice in your everyday life. They permeate the whole book and a lot of them make a lot of sense. Many ideas are exposed as images and, me being a visual person, helps understand many of the view easily. As an example, the `sunflowers always turn themselves to the sun’ makes me see the image and understand that, we are the sunflower that has to turn the positive aspects of ourselves. Imagery and the big letter make it a very easy read, thus allowing the absorption of the ideas much more fluid. Use this book as a tools to enhance yourself as much as it is helping me improve myself.
By Luis Alberto Vieira Martino
This review is from: Goodbye Stress Hello Success (Kindle Edition)
Issues selected, their definition, and aspects of the proposed practical solutions makes this book interesting and useful tool for individuals as well as for groups. Each issue is handled in a short yet to the point manner, making the massage relatable and proposed solution easily adoptable. The methodology used by Dr. Aznavour along with carefully selected pictures, helpful in visualization, makes the book easy to read, interesting and also an ongoing reference material as the situations arise. I strongly recommend the book, Dr. Aznavour and her YouTube videos to individuals, HR professionals, business executives, managers and wherever group dynamics require.
This review is from: Goodbye Stress Hello Success (Kindle Edition)
Easy to read; suggestions on managing stress are also easy to practice. A book for all types of people not just the stressed!
This review is from: Goodbye Stress Hello Success (Kindle Edition)
Well this is an excellent book. I highly recommend it to anybody who aspires to achieve big things in life or simply in order to learn the great gifts our mind has in store for us, if only we choose to utilize it to its fullest potential. I believe this book teaches one how master your mind and once you can master your mind; life is whatever you want it to be. So with that being said, this book equips you with life’s essential toolbox.
By Chris
This review is from: Goodbye Stress Hello Success (Kindle Edition)
Congratulations Dr. Aznavour for tackling a difficult topic in the ingenious manner! This book is a MUST read for ALL as we can all benefit from better stress management as well as the key the concepts of living a successful life. I have recommended your book to many friends and colleagues who have also enjoyed this very well written book. Thank you!
By Julie Nadeau
This review is from: Goodbye Stress Hello Success (Kindle Edition)
I would describe it as Guidance Tool filled with a great number of Techniques and Exercises that help you improve your life experience by learning healthy belief systems, techniques to help you stay positive, that empower you and keep you stress free. Louise Aznavour presents great quotes that give a good illustration and understanding of the specific healthy mental patterns we can adopt to stay upbeat. Since we all grew up in different environments and received different programming, we may not realize how this whole time we have been operating from an unhealthy place. Thanks to the models in this book, I have been able to isolate my own unhealthy attitudes and beliefs and replace them with new healthy ideas. Thank you so much Louise in helping me make that leap.
By Psy123
This review is from: Goodbye Stress Hello Success (Kindle Edition)
This book was and is a great help for me. First, it’s easy to read, to understand, everything flows. That being said it need to be taken very seriously, you need to interact with the book. You have to question yourself and re think your old habit and paradigm. Second it’s full of good exercises and great techniques that you can apply in your life and with your day to day challenges. Those techniques definitely help me overcome some challenges and approach situation from a different angle to achieve my goal. Finally this book is a useful tool to carry along my long journey that I call life. I strongly recommend this book and highly suggest to visit Dr. Aznavour web site as there is excellent video and more great/ useful techniques.
By Jonathan
This review is from: Goodbye Stress Hello Success (Kindle Edition)
The methods described in the book were easy to follow and extremely helpful in getting me to understand more about the issues that were preventing me from having a happy life. It helped me to stop procrastinating; better control my anger “triggers” and reactions to stress; and, most importantly, helped me to better connect with my wife and experience a more fulfilled relationship with her. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone looking to improve their life!
Thanks Louise!
By Saved
…I am a clinical psychologist from India. I am working with de-addiction …. rehabilitation unit. I and dealing with the addict patients from last 3 years now. Sometimes I really feel burnout. I must say thanks to you because after listing your videos I think I am getting my energy back. Your voice … the way you explain things, wow I really feel that I must Thank you. Keep uploading new videos. Thanks a million… Take Care
by S.B.
Psychologist, India
…..and I must say that listening to your voice and seeing your image was positively familiar and comforting Smile….We’ve covered the subject of resilience in past sessions, and the video hit a spot and made me think about my usual intolerance to failure ….
by C.S.
Team Leader Major Conglomerate Telephone Company[
….So just had another intensive meeting, being questioned by auditors about all the studies I have done. …immediately Told myself “soften your thoughts, I don’t make mistakes, let’s do this new life experience” ….simply put, It went amazing. Director told me he was not surprised, that he knew I had it in me, and that he wanted to prove to me that I don’t need prep time. Louise you were right .. I knew my material more than enough to just go with it. ….A real good life experience. ….All of this, thanks to you !! So thank you Louise. Your approach, your transfer of energy, your many years of experience have changed my outlook on life”.
By senior consultant
international business sector
….. I again believed that the world is only bright, kind and happy with the help of personalities like YOU.
You bring so much sunshine into my life, thank you for this, thanks from the bottom of my heart.…… it is really wonderful, when I opened it as if I was directed to the land of my dreams, wonders and kindness.…..
I miss you so much, I need your advices, your kind words, your calm face….
I am so happy I know you. And may these roses decorate your day as you decorated mine.
by S.A.
Workshop Participant -international project-
…This is how I begin almost every day of my life: I open www.stayingupbeat.com, read couple of wise sayings, practice some activities and get back to my office work. THANK YOU!!! Thousand time thank you Louise, for being always there for me :)….. everything is so beautiful, so wise, creative and full of energy and lots of positive…
by S.A.
Workshop Participant/ Banker - international project-
…….let the doors of your Sweet Home be always open for everybody,
I assure you, entering your home even with gloom, one will certainly leave it with glow!
by H.G.
Workshop Participant/Chief Librarian -international project-
I am very pleased to let you know that yesterday’s meeting went very well, much better than I would have anticipated….I really want you to know that there’s no way I could have done this without your invaluable support and coaching. So thank you, thank you so very much! I wish you a great day and confident the next time we meet I will have secured a position or inches away from it.
by C.K. private client -Montreal Canada-
You couldn’t have chosen a better name (STAYINGUPBEAT),…. I wish I had read this earlier because just reading and writing puts me on an automatic High of Confidence. I think this site is definitely A BREATH OF FRESH AIR.
It is SO important to have a place to go and have all this positive and uplifting information and input. A Great Sharing Tool. ….
And Thank you for Reaching Out through the Internet – Much Greater will be received.
by L.K.
Workshop participant/Banker - international project-
“Louise, Thank you so much for walking with me through this exciting path called “life” and to help me re-discover the power that was hidden for some time. I am very excited to start this new “game” and I am also looking forward for all the knowledge I will gain and keep gaining. You are a positive influence in my life, and I am looking forward to continue this journey.”
Louise, Before I met you, I was dealing with many difficult challenges. I had a hard time navigating my thoughts and emotions…but you have saved me . You have taught me to open up and to see myself in a different light. You have also taught me to know my worth… and for that, I am so grateful. Throughout our journey together, you have always been authentic, upbeat, and provided guidance when I needed it most. You have guided me into the discovery of self-love. And self love is oh so beautiful and peaceful! This is all thanks to you. I’m still learning every day but you have been such a wonderful guide and mentor. I am so grateful and appreciative of you. You have not only listened but always given me solutions to help with what I was going through. This has helped me tremendously. Thank you for everything!
….Your sessions and advice do inspire…. If I can be honest, perhaps the words
what influenced me most of all the sessions is
how you put everything into perspective, …..Again, thank-you!
Businesswoman/Diplomatic Corps
Thank you for the enjoyable and informative seminar. Your energy is contagious.
I will try to incorporate your techniques and will be keeping up on your Facebook.
by Ellen
Galt Ocean Learning Center Ft Lauderdale Florida U.S.A.
… Thank you for the nice problem solving talk last Friday. It’s always refreshing to exchange ideas with you. Moreover, I’m always impressed by how fast you assess a situation and how on target you are.
I consider my self priviledged to know you and to have the chance to exchange ideas together…
by A.S.
President, Human Resources
… I am truly immensely grateful for your teachings, mentoring, help in this paragraph in my life.
by C.K. private client climbing the corporate ladder building Leadership Skills
…..I am honoured that you accepted me as your patient. I am looking forward in spending some quality time with you and in hearing your expert advice….
Federal Government Employee
…It was so nice to watch this video and I’m sending it right to my sweet love for him to get to know the wonderful woman you are! Congratulations on this one, Louise…
by J.T.
Advertising Agency Canada
It is so nice to have you on Facebook, since you can help so many people who need to know
how to take positive decisions in life, to stop complaining but finding decisions .Thank you for being with us.
…I thank you sincerely for making and sharing your video’s for free.
They feel amazingly personal to watch and cleverly simple in use and content.
They are very helpful to me! This is really nice of you to do this. Sunny greetings from Belgium.
by Leslie Lossie
YouTube Visitor
….Thank you for your hard work and the video’s, I love watching and learning as
I also was a psychology student and am very interested in the field. ….
I find your video’s very inspiring and will certainly keep watching and recommend others to do the same. Greetings!
by Elvira
Psychology student
Hi, Mrs Aznavour I am a 12 year old that always used to think about bad thoughts and I always want revenge on people
when I forgive them for doing bad things and I always hated myself but when
I read your book Goodbye Stress – Hello Success and saw your video I became a new person so I thank you very much for that. Bye
by Sulaiman -with a smile-
Saudi Arabia
Hi Louise 🙂 first of all thanks for your videos. You gave me a lot of ideas, positive ones.
And put a smile on my face.
Please share your ideas on FaceBook. I couldn’t find you. I think is great to share your upbeat with the world. Best regards from
I met Dr. Louise Aznavour over 15 years ago in Armenia during a workshop on Leadership and Team-building, that turned out to be a truly life-changing experience! “Instead of cursing the darkness, light a candle” – one of the slogans we as a team of workshop participants worked on has become a life guiding principle to me! Louise is an exceptional professional, creating a warm and cheerful environment where minds become creative, synergies are forged, people are united and great ideas are born. A natural leader, Louise has the ability to fill the room with “Yes, I can” attitude and drive to positive action; she motivates and energizes, each and every one, opening up the deep corners of the soul, talent and ability – this is indeed mastery. Even short communication with her opens up the best in myself that I further pass on to my colleagues, friends and relatives – a ripple effect of energy in action. I learnt and keep learning a LOT from Louise, her attitude to work and life in particular, and cannot help admiring her charisma! I wish many more people have the lucky chance to get to know Dr. Louise Aznavour – attitude to self, professional engagement, vision and relationships change forever!
Huge THANK YOU, Louise!”
Hi Dr.Aznavour
I would like to thank you for the brief conversation we had at noon, I couldn’t stop thinking about what you said, I started reading more about what you teach and I would like to thank you for your videos, I spent the past 2h on many of them, and I’m not finished. however, I just watched the procrastination video and feel I must get back to work… I really enjoyed some of these points on ‘Communicating Effectively At Work’ & I also like the how you tied in work, home and life into the picture. Its true your words to stop, ‘obsessing on whats missing build on what you have’ and in procrastination, maybe my fear of success is sabotaging me, ‘imperfect action are better then perfect inaction’. All very true. Your teaching really impress me and I find I understand what you are saying and meaning. Thank you again, I will keep on watching more of your videos. Best Regards P (name removed to protect privacy).
by P (name removed to protect privacy)
Very Appreciative
I am from Philippines… I’m the Dean of the College of Education and at the same time teaching education subjects in the college level up to doctoral level. … I am also using your material to conduct lecture in a place where many out of school youths are there since they can`t afford formal schooling. Again thank you very much and hope I could still avail your material for free… MAY THE GOOD LORD BE WITH YOU ALWAYS…You are a blessing to us here.
by Dr. Rogelio Murro
Dean of the College of Education …Phillipines