Do you know people who kill ideas? Especially if  it doesn’t come from them, oh it doesn’t work.  They kill ideas, without contributing much. Some people are the type to complain, or find fault, or pull  you down. These people are energy vampires!

Remember! Attitudes that we allow around us or inside us may either energize, or deplete us. Very important to remember and say to yourself: pessimistic attitudes are widespread. So  then therefore it is essential to build our RESILIENCE MUSCLES.  Show me your muscles! 

I  am not a spring chicken all these years I  came through, because of having practicing  what I talk about.  Pain can be inescapable,  however SUFFERING IS OPTIONAL.  So let’s  say that some people are messing up with you, and they continuously cover their tracks as  two-faced narcissists, hypocrites and users.  They  do impression management.  You are not helpless, you have choices. 


First, repeat the Mantra in such situations: USERS ARE LOSERS, okay? You will become a solution oriented thinker around these attitudes.  

Do the exercises of the  videos, do listen to them and study them. That’s important in building muscles.  So in contrast, most to come to me, initially focus on acting as the victim. Oh see what she or he did to me. Poor me. Well, that’s helpless and hopeless, and leads to depression.  You can either suffer the pain, or you can form Bridges around building habits of dealing with those who cause you pain. Such as  you can build boundaries getting your thoughts out in the open, talking to those around you, who are solution oriented thinkers.


So you get the  support of others definitely practicing the Mantra – I love: TRUTH SETS YOU FREE.  There’s a video: watch that.

The other day a patient opened up exhausted and scared from the bully tactics of a few of  family members. I said: instead of trembling and  suffering the pain and hiding yourself what if  and thinking that you are not good enough and  that you are the victim, – how about if you let the wrong doer, the bully, the narcissist, the cheater get into hiding just like the cat and the mouse chase.

No need to be the mouse; you can become the cat, sometimes. How about that? 

So my patient took a deep breath.  The visual of CAT & MOUSE CHASE helped her relax, and in a more relaxed state we were able to talk about solution finding.

How to do things? Repeat: fear does not live here!  And you might want to find the excellent classic book Feel the Fear, do it anyway, okay? Shining light unto the cheaters liars or the manipulations of the narcissist or the bully can be to your advantage. You can also set boundaries: you may choose to avoid further contact, so in the worst case scenario you can even choose to  protect yourself legally.  

So this can happen at work, at home socially. Etc. So do a Google  search how to set boundaries, watch my video on building boundaries power of boundaries you are not helpless or hopeless okay? While you are building SOLUTION-ORIENTED MUSCLES!