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Truth Sets You Free


Do not forget to practice my most cherished idea, which is the boomerang effect!

Whenever you have a good idea pass it on, don’t keep it to yourself, share!  When you share, they return back abundantly, there is a boomerang effect in this world.  If you develop empathy and caring freely and generously – you will receive back in kind abundantly.

You know, at this stage I am so busy, that I think I’m starting to leave my legacy in terms of what I talk about, what I believe in and what I practice. Set boundaries, look at yourself in the mirror every day, be real, choose real friends instead of deal friends, and make sure you read people well listen to them carefully and look at their actions and impression management, that so many are doing. In Turkish there’s a good saying – “the liars candle lasts only for a while”. Truth comes out in any case, and also truth sets you free. Do not forget this, will you?

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