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Two Good Questions

= Two Good Questions =


Many people just plunge head-on into each obstacle.
They end up with bumps and bruises.
And then
Repeat similar self-defeating routines next time around
Without taking the time
To become mindful
To slow down
To adjust their survival tactics



Life will throw curves at you to deal with. Make sure to include the following step before moving on. Focus on the experience and ask yourself:

“What did I learn from this?”

“What to do differently, if necessary, next time?

You may think this suggestion is trivial. Working with thousands of people in different settings, in projects, and in therapy has taught me otherwise! Winners take responsibility for their actions and weigh outcomes. They learn from the present to get ready for the future. Do you want to be ‘staying upbeat’?


Then think like a winner.


During troubled times, holding the reality mirror to yourself, do you really ask those two basic yet fundamental questions?

  • “What did I learn from this?”
  • “What do I do differently, if necessary, next time?”

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