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Hello my friend, hello again. My team asked me to add something to this video clip on  


Trust me, they work, this is coming back from 30-35 years of practice. So then, therefore, since I cannot receive messages from you, I don’t have the time and I was just going to enter into a meeting, I am doing this introduction, okay. Now use this video, it’s a very short one, listen to it all the way to the end and take notes. Don’t just listen that’s NOT the way we work, YOU HAVE TO BE INVOLVED, so take the messages, do the practice. Why do the practice? 

You see, when faced with challenges we get anxious. I do also, because when I do see evil intent, negative intent or energy vampires, of course, I get rattled too, momentarily. Hopefully that is the issue, to be momentarily rattled and resilience, the idea of resilience is how to bounce back and the degree to which we bounce back quickly. Don’t forget all of us fall and then we get up. So why do these types of videos, why do these techniques and practice the tools? 

The tools are to get you to a state to a BALANCED-RELAXED-MEASURED STATE and then once you are in that measured state taking the breathing and all and practicing the techniques, the tools that are given. At that point you go back to “how am I going to handle this?” “what did I learn from this?” “how am I going to handle these people, who are energy vampires or negative or all this?”, okay. The ones who are causing you issues. Remember we have videos on boundary setting, we’ve videos on your passion compassion, your goals, okay, you are the master of your thoughts and your life. W.O.L.O. remember, we only live once remember!  I’ll come back at the end of the video again.

Let us use some perspective here. To be content with the world, especially nowadays, demands that we deliberately look for the good in things. Let’s face it, nothing and nobody is perfect except you and I. Hmm. So if we agree that our perceptions are selective, then stop, change your focus.

Are you on automatic pilot? When with others usually do you talk mostly about problems. While discharging your problems, are you aware that you are giving the listener a negative charge? Just like batteries. Do you think a poster like “save your energy”, “stop complaining”, “focus on solutions” will be useful for you to have? If so make several and place them in strategic locations, such as inside the medicine cabinet, close to your desk or on the fridge door.

That’s it, go ahead and do the following visualization with me. Close your eyes and take a deep breath and relax. Breathing deeply and regularly, deeply and regularly. Now imagine that you are walking towards the fridge in your kitchen, picture that. Let’s be creative, use visualization. Open the door of the fridge and take out that beautiful, bright, yellow lemon and cut this lemon with your knife. Now take a big bite out of this lemon. Chew it, chew it, feel how juicy this lemon is. Stop! And as the negative image disappears you take a deep breath and you say relax, relax softly as you exhale.

Did you watch and take notes on this video? If you didn’t, please go back. These are studies, this is not just a listen and then forget and then go to the next one, to the next. like as if you are in front of a buffet and stuffing yourself. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, go back, take notes, learn, use, will you? Yes, you will. Okay, see you again, love you. Take good care of who you are and your mission, your passion, your goals. All the energy to you, my friend. Carpe diem.

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