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Start each day holding the mirror of reality to you, ask yourself: you, my friend, have a choice of attitudes, which one do you wear today? Are you going to make the best of this day or do you have other plans ???
Now picture this: there is a job opening, and two people with similar skills apply. One has a winning attitude. The other carries a victim mentality finding faults with everything and everyone around. Who gets the job? Hmmmm.
Well, you see, entering a room some people bring their glow others bring only gloom. What do you bring?
People at work often get fired not because they lack experience. They get fired because they do not have winning attitudes and people skills.

Now the good news: problem-solving skills and assertion skills can be learned, similar to driving a car or learning a language.
Using perspective and staying upbeat attitudes we may even say that aggressors, bullies, and wrongdoers are all adding to our survivor skills!!!! With each challenge, we build brain power. Our neurons get fired up. We learn new secrets to the key to life, we build stronger muscles. Besides, if others feel jealous and hostile towards you: remember things could be worse. You could be them!
So then…. picture this: a sage is dormant in each one of us ready to be awakened and once awake the sage in us does not go back to sleep.
I am so thankful to each of you who contribute beautiful ideas and as the channel, I transmit them through these videos. Share “winning attitude” videos with friends, family, and colleagues. They stimulate debate.
Let us be eager students of life on the road to staying upbeat and visit my website.

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