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Business Sector, Bank Executives, Managers, Government, Embassy Personnel …. It is most fun to enlarge my Winning Circle. Not long ago you were friends not yet met! All by word of mouth with no advertisement.




…. aaaand also volunteering in Faraway Lands, creating the Boomerang Effect as seen in the following pictures ….. Although the rooms were small, the young ones brought along their presence and open hearts…

  • “…I just wanted to thank you for the marvelous marvelous time yesterday (at the workshop). I think it was amazing, I was walking on clouds on the way home. …I am still up in the air… Participants really benefited…people told me how they benefited…that is what they told me …that is what I experienced, too… so, we have to talk…The sun is shining, it is wonderful!…”

    By Maureen Stafford, MSW Social Worker
    By Maureen Stafford, MSW Social Worker