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Zebra Losing Stripes Because of Stress

Check the number of Stress Symptoms you have from the following list … and then use my suggestions!!! When you have solution oriented PERSPECTIVE you bring SUCCESS as a PROBLEM SOLVER!!!


– Fatigue
– High Blood Pressure
– Vomiting/Nausea
– Grinding of Teeth
– Backaches
– Profuse Sweating
– Stomachaches
– Rapid Heart Rate
– Tense Muscles
– Twitches
– Difficulty Breathing
– Diarrhea
– Headaches


– Anxiety/Panic
– Guilt
– Fear
– Denial
– Irritability
– Depression
– Anger
– Feeling overwhelmed


– Withdrawal
– Pacing
– Violence
– Substance abuse
– Sleep problems
– Restlessness
– Isolation
– Eating more/less
– Self-harm

Listen, we are all in the same boat. Relax your mind/body:

= take a cleansing breath every hour
= find funny pictures/stories/jokes that lighten you up
= visualize a joyful moment
= laugh from your belly …as an exercise you do not need a reason
= listen to my AudioBook “GOODBYE STRESS, HELLO SUCCESS”

How do YOU RELAX? Share your thoughts. Let’s help one another as the HUMAN RACE …

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